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Screws and Pins for Picture Framing

We stock a selection of screws and pins used for picture framing. These include small pan headed 4x10mm, 4x13mm pozi zinc plated and 6x10mm screws, 4x13mm pozi brass plated screws as well as some 4x10mm pozi bronze plated screws. These are good for the majority of smaller framing hardware eg D-Ring, canvas hanger etc attachment. For larger frame hanging solutions like strap hangers and bezel plates we recommend the heavier duty wood screws.  We also have a selection of small solid brass slotted countersunk and pan headed screws as well as a selection of frame corner pins, which can be used instead of vnails for frame corner joins and frame repairs. They are indeed the original frame joining method before the invention of V-Nails! V-Nails are available in our frame joining category. Screw sizings are as follows - 
Screw Size '1' Screw Size '2' Screw Size '4' Screw Size '6' Screw Size '8'
2.0mm  diameter 2.2mm  diameter 2.9mm  diameter 3.5mm  diameter 4.2mm  diameter

Please click on individual product below to see price and pack size discounts that are available.
Pan Headed ScrewsPan Headed Screws
Pan headed screws are used widely in a lot of picture framing applications including attaching D-Rings and other hanging hardware to the frame. They are available as Brass, Zinc and Bronzed plated with sizes including No. '4', '6' in a variety of lengths.
Small Solid Brass Slotted ScrewsSmall Solid Brass Slotted Screws
A selection of small solid brass slotted screws both countersunk and pan headed. Including size '1', '2', '3' and '4' screws.
Picture Framing PinsPicture Framing Pins
A selection of steel corner framing pins and brass plated escutcheon pins used for small pinning applications like attaching triangle hangers to a picture frame.
Countersunk Wood Screws Pozi - 'Golden' FinishCountersunk Wood Screws Pozi - 'Golden' Finish
Countersunk Wood Screws Pozi - 'Golden' Finish. Can be used in a variety of woodworking applications with a deep sharp single thread for screwing into wood. They are also very useful for attaching picture plates to a frame.
Bifurcated RivetsBifurcated Rivets
Bifurcated Rivets - small nickel and brass plated rivets used for attaching D-Rings to the back of picture frame board. They come in 2,2mm and 3mm widths
Countersunk Wood Screws Pozi - Zinc PlatedCountersunk Wood Screws Pozi - Zinc Plated
Countersunk Wood Screws Pozi - Zinc Plated. Used is a variety of woodworking applications with a deep sharp single thread for screwing into wood. They are also very useful for attaching picture plates to a frame.
Flange Headed ScrewsFlange Headed Screws
Flange headed screws are like pan headed screws but with a built in washer.
Mirror Screws and CapsMirror Screws and Caps
Mirror screws with screw in chrome caps. Used to attach a mirror to a wall.

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