Black dome bumpers/feet 11.1mm dia 5.0mm tall

Self Adhesive Felt Pads Sealed Pack of 12. Size: 16mm diam. 4mm thick.Fix one to each of the bottom corners of a frame or canvas. This offers three benefits - stops picture moving, minimises marking of wall finish and allows air to circulate behind picture.
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Black dome bumpers/feet 11.1mm dia 5.0mm tall. Moulded self-adhesive dome (rounded top) shaped bumpers in black non-marking polyurethane with high-performance acrylic adhesive. 'Kiss-cut' on a protective release liner. They space the frame away from the wall allowing air to circulate and minimising dust build up. They can also help keep the frame straight. Applied to the base of a photo frame they minimise the possibility of scratching the table surface. Also good as laptop bumper pad replacements! Each bumper is 5.0mm tall.

Features -
  • Durable & resilient,
  • Sound dampening & vibration resistant,
  • Non slip & Non-marking,
  • Vibration dampening applications,
  • High performance adhesive,
  • Highly transparent for chameleon colour matching,
  • Allows heat dissipation,
  • Discreet on clear materials,
  • Quick & simple to apply.

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