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Miscellaneous G-Clamps and F-Clamps.

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G-Clamp - 50mm. (Product ID: UKPFS16068)
G-Clamp - 100mm. (Product ID: UKPFS16031)
Silverline Euro F-Clamp - 150 x 80mm. (Product ID: UKPFS16054)
F-Clamp - 300 x 120mm. (Product ID: UKPFS16047)
Strap / Band Clamp 4m x 25mm. An adjustable band clamp with four recessed corner braces. Tough nylon webbing strap. Easy-to-use cam locks and efficient screw tension. Applies tension over whole area of strap, preventing warping. Ideal for irregular objects. Use with corner braces to hold picture frames. 4m x 25mm. (Product ID: UKPFS16042)