Foam Board

White core and black core foam board is widely used in the framing industry. It can be used as a backing for a rigid mount or as a frame backing board or can be used in a box frame to create spacing/padding. It can also be used to mount stretched needlework to.
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

Foam Board 5mm - White 8 sheets of 500x370mm. Foam board with white faces. Can be used in a variety of mounting and framing applications as well as crafts. (Product ID: UKPFS1201)

Self Adhesive (Dry Mount) White Foam Board 5mm - 8 Sheets of 500x370mm. Self adhesive (one side) dry mount foam board with white paper faces. Peel off protective paper to reveal adhesive side. Works well for dry mounting flexible artwork eg. photographic prints. These are best applied rolled on with pressure to avoid air pockets. Board is white finish on one side, white foam core and peel back self adhesive sheet with a 1cm/5cm helpful alignment grid. (Product ID: UKPFS1202)

Foam with Brown Kraft Faced Frame Backing Board 3mm. A white foam board with brown kraft facing papers. A narrow lightweight protective backing for a picture frame. Easy to cut, score and trim to size. 3mm thick. Supplied as 4 sheets of 500x370mm. (Product ID: UKPFS1215)