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Frame Backing Board

Picture frame backing boards are used to protect the back of your picture frame from dust & the environment.

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Aqua Board (Conservation) - 8 Sheets 550x405mm. A brown kraft based frame backing board which has one face brown with a coated water repellent surface, and the other face pure white 100% elemental chlorine wood free wood pulp for conservation. The whole of the board has a pH7.8 with only the white cover meeting FATG conservation standards. Grey core. Overall FATG level Standard Can be easily cut with craft knife. This is a great board for backing small/medium sized frames. Size : 2200um (2.2mm) thick. (Product ID: UKPFS1203)
Strut Backs Brown MDF Backing Board Stand. MDF Strut Backs, natural finish, standard length leg, each with a two-way strut, fixed with a self-fix strut hinge. NOTE: As you assemble a frame, slip a screwdriver into the hinge and ease it open - sometimes the hinges are stiff when new. Priced individually. (Product Code : UKPFS716)
For 6"x4" Frame
For 7"x5" Frame
For 8"x6" Frame
For 10"x8" Frame
For A4 Frame