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Framers Points & Tabs

Framers Tabs Size ComparisonFramers points and tabs are commonly used in picture framing to hold the backing board, mount, artwork and glazing into the  picture frame. The tabs and points are pushed into the side of the frame rebate. This can be done by manual tools or by a specialised points driver (tab gun). Hardened points/tabs are more permanent, while flexible tabs offer enough rigidity to hold the backing board, mount and glazing in place whilst offering the option of bending the tabs when you want to have the flexibility to remove the backing to change an artwork in the picture frame. Turnbuttons offer an alternative solution to flexible tabs/points.

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Inmes Fi-150M Point Driver (With Sample Points). A manual point driver ideal for bespoke framing workshops. For use with (15mm x 0.4mm) Flexi-points/tabs Black (UKPFS822) or Semi-Rigid points/tabs (UKPFS823). • Fires 15mm x 0.40mm flexis or semi-rigid tabs into frame back / side of rebate to hold backing board in place inside the picture frame. • Die-cast body and carefully engineered for reliability. Soft grip handle. • Quick release for easy front loading. • Firing pressure adjustable to suit different hardness of woods. • Includes 150 x flexi-tabs and 295 x semi-rigid tabs
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Flexible Framers Tab. A flexible tab for attaching the glass/mount/backing into the frame. Can be pushed in with a screwdriver. Flexibility of tab also allows easy removal. (Product ID: UKPFS822)
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Semi Rigid Framers Tab. A semi rigid tab for attaching the glass/mount/backing into the frame. Can be pushed in with a screwdriver. (Product ID: UKPFS823)
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Triangular Framers Tab 11mm. Used for holding the glass/mount and backing board into the frame. Can be pushed in with a screw driver. 11mm per edge. Hard steel. (Product ID: UKPFS821)
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Fletcher Push Glazier's Points - Pack of 50. These points are rigid and can be pushed in using pliers. (Product ID: UKPFS824)
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'X' Push Glazier's Points. These points are rigid and can be pushed in using pliers or the X Glazier Point Fixing Tool. (Product ID: UKPFS835)
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'X' Push Glazier Points Fixing Tool. Can be used to push in 'X' Push Glazier Points. Pack comes with 20 x 'X' Push Glazier Points to get you started. (Product ID: UKPFS836)
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Bendable Multi Points. Can be used manually or with a Fletcher "Multimaster" point driver. They are roughly rectangular in shape, with two barbs and a 4.5mm round screw hole. Can be handy for joining or creating 3D box frames allowing attachment of the moulding to the 3D box. Supplied in strip of approximately 166 points. (Product ID: UKPFS833)
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Backing Board Bow Springs Bronze Finish. Creates an alternate method of holding backing boards into the rebate of small frames. Works best with small sized frames and 3mm board. Dimensions: 30mm length, 4.5mm wide (centre), 3mm wide (board opening), 3mm leg width.(Product ID: UKPFS834)
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