Glazing Tools

Tools for working with glass/glazing.
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

Silverline Lubricated Glass Cutter. Tungsten-carbide cutting wheel. Durable alloy body with internal oil reservoir and knurled-brass finger grip. Spring-loaded block controls flow of lubricant. Includes filling pipette. Size : 175mm long. (Product ID: UKPFS16032)

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Powerflex Glass Glove - Large 1 Pair

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Powerflex Glass Glove - Large 1 Pair. Gloves to make handling glass much safer. Ergonomic design allows the hand to flex naturally. Liner is knitted from a cotton / kevlar mix which resist cuts. Crinkled latex finish offers good grip. Large, 1 pair. (Product ID: UKPFS16069)

Fletcher 'ScoreMate' Plastic Glazing Scorer. (Product ID: UKPFS1218). The Fletcher ScoreMate has a specially shaped hardened tip for scoring plastic, acrylic and formica. When scoring plastics apply even pressure and using a set square, draw the cutter towards you scoring the plastic glazing. Multiple passes can be achieved, and the plastic glazing can be snapped along the scored edge over the edge of a bench.