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Mounting & Hinging Tapes

T-Hinge for hinging artwork Picture mounting and hinging tapes are used to attach the artwork or photo to the mount. They should be ph-neutral (acid free) so as to protect the artwork from acidity and premature aging (conservation). For more on artwork conservation see our blog article on conservation mounting, protection for your artwork The tapes fall into two different categories, self adhesive and water based (gummed), the choice of which is for conservation purposes since a water based adhesive tape can be more readily removed (by application of some water) as opposed to solvents for self adhesive tapes. Also available is double sided tape which is ATG Tape Gun compatible, but can easily be used without a tape gun. For the ultimate in conservation hinging tape use the Cotton Rag Tape (gummed and naturally ph-neutral as well as being museum grade) or the Linen tape (stronger for heavier artworks).

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