Packaging, Parcel & Masking Tapes

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Brown & clear packaging/parcel tapes and masking tape. Can be used in a variety of packaging and other workshop, office stationary applications.
Brown Parcel/Packaging Tape 50mm x 66m. A brown parcel packaging tape used for wrapping parcels etc.
Clear Packaging/Parcel Tape 25mm x 66m.
Clear Packaging/Parcel Tape 50mm x 66m. A clear parcel packaging tape. Used for wrapping parcels etc.
Parcel Tape Dispenser/Gun. Take 50mm wide parcel tapes (both clear and brown). The end is always ready to use. As you finish your dispensing stroke a sharp serrated blade cuts the tape.
High Quality Masking Tape - 25mm x 50m. High quality masking tape, which tends to be thicker than most masking products currently used. Cream in colour, with an aggressive white adhesive system. This Masking Tape is ideal for wet painting and spray painting. It is used quite often as temporary tape during the creation of double mounts. Dimensions : 25mm x 50m.