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Picture Mounts, Photo Mounts, Artwork Mounts

Picture mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and different type of backing board. The most basic is a single mount with no backing board. Backing boards are recommended for artworks that are to be displayed and sold as mounted only. The backing board will give the mounted artwork rigidity for display and handling. Backing boards can be - Art Bak (brown fluted board), Aqua board (brown board with moisture protection with white facing on other side), foam board (white, 5mm thick, for sturdiness).

Other mounts available include double mounts, single mounts on deeper board eg 2mm and 3.5mm board. We even offer mounts with silver, gold and black mount fillets/slips.

All of our mounts are made to order by an experienced craftsperson with several years experience with mount cutting and picture framing. We always use professional equipment and fresh blades along with white core or conservation grade mountboard to produce the best quality mounts that can be produced.

Artworks should be kept acid free to prevent brown ageing. You may have seen older pieces of artwork that look extremely brown in colour. This is primarily due to the acid in the materials of the frame that they have been stored in. Also, many older artworks have tapes that age and turn brow or fall off. To help reduce the ageing process, it is important to create a ph-neutral mount sandwich using pp-neutral mountboard and backing board as well as ph-neutral mounting tape to attach the artwork to the mount. This way the artwork will have maximum protection against ageing.

Picture mounts are not just things to help your artwork sell, they are meant to help preserve it too!

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