Screws, Pins & Rivets for Picture Framing

We stock a large selection of screws and pins used for picture framing. These include small pan headed pozi zinc, brass plated screws and bronzed screws. These are good for the majority of smaller framing hardware eg d-ring attachment, canvas hanger attachment etc. For larger frame hanging solutions like strap hangers and bezel plates we recommend the larger size '8' and size '10' pan headed screws.  We also have a selection of small solid brass slotted countersunk and pan headed screws as well as a selection of frame joining pins, which can be used instead of vnails for frame corner joins and frame repairs. They are indeed the original frame joining method before the invention of V-Nails! V-Nails are available in our frame joining category. Screw sizings are as follows - 

Screw Size '1'           Screw Size '2'          Screw Size '4'          Screw Size '6'         Screw Size '8'
2.0mm  diameter    2.2mm  diameter    2.9mm  diameter    3.5mm  diameter    4.2mm  diameter


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