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Tape Dispensers and Guns

Miscellaneous tape dispensers and ATG tape guns.

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ATG Tape Dispenser Gun. An Adhesive Transfer Gun (ATG) for fast dispensing of double sided ATG tapes. The moulded chassis has a clear plastic cover. The tape feed system is easy to load and is designed to minimise adhesive build-up. You place the head onto the surface that you want to dispense the tape on, press the trigger and pull to dispense the tape. Release trigger and pull to stop dispensing tape. A very efficient way of dispensing double sided tape. (Product ID: UKPFS610)
Parcel Tape Dispenser/Gun. Take 50mm wide parcel tapes (both clear and brown). The end is always ready to use. As you finish your dispensing stroke a sharp serrated blade cuts the tape. (Product ID: UKPFS625)